ideasinc. is keen to support all organisations that foster enterprise development, career knowledge, STEM attainment and skills building.

It is important that young people become ‘participative’ in the efforts our government organisations are doing to advance new industries, nurture our Tech Hubs, expand our SME sectors, promote STEM selection and research, etc. to better skill our workforce and make our economy more competitive on a global basis.

ideasinc. addresses these needs in its unique approach through enterprise development, creating new start-ups and working with our universities and business communities to commercialise their products.  Other organisations tackle the issues related to our future economy differently creating a number of synergies. Harnessing these synergies will augment the delivery of everyone’s resources and reach a wider audience. In essence ideasinc. becomes a conduit for many organisations to transfer knowledge and access their resources.

Partnerships - Synergies

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Pictori Web Design

Sheffield Digital

Tech City


Business Panel

During our journey we come across members of our business community that would like to participate in ideasinc. by sharing their expertise and industry networks to promote the development of our enterprise accelerator and start-ups.

We are very grateful for their support.  Their influence in the direction of our enterprises makes a considerable difference to their progress as well as to the young people who are involved.