Knowledge Leads To Better Decision Making and Better Changes

ideasinc. wants to expand its collaboration with industry, universities and other organisations. We believe sharing information and resources is what makes the difference to young people with their enterprise activities, their education and their career decisions. In exchange, external organisations have the opportunity to gain insight into the views of this generation, who look at things differently and can bring new ideas and solutions to problems we face in society.

Sharing the knowledge of the changes that are being delivered across the country in education, digital, social/health, SMART, IoT, manufacturing and engineering industries and others will lead to more participation from young people. They are keen to learn and get involved in the industries we are eager to establish and grow.  Their input can enhance the results of your research and delivery stages. At the very least most will benefit from learning about the issues and trends of their future world of work.

It is easy to underestimate the transfer of knowledge and skills that occurs when organisations engage with young people outside the classroom.  This type of engagement creates experiences that can change our future.

Knowledge Is Power. Together We Can Transfer It And Become ‘Participactive’

As we build our network and grow our start-ups we hope to become an interactive voice with companies, government bodies and their multiple support networks.  If you have a key report or industry event you would like young people to become aware of please send it to us at

We will also engage with you through our news feeds, social media marketing and meet ups.  Connect to us on twitter @ideasincuk to receive regular notifications of our progress.