How to Get Involved

If you are an entrepreneurial person, an organisation or government body interested in influencing young people’s educational journeys and creating productive connections we would like to hear from you.

ideasinc. addresses a gap in the delivery of our national enterprise programmes. We take the time to see a product idea through the full commercialisation process.  This adds value by creating an environment that really motivates and energises young people to think outside the box, take responsibility for their actions and allows them to make critical risk/reward decisions in a safe environment.  It is a win/win/win situation that provides a means for all stakeholders to become more effective and achieve higher rates of return in preparing young people for our future work force.

  • How to get involved...
  • If You Are A Young Person

    Joining ideasinc. will offer you an alternative in accessing universities and companies by becoming involved in start-ups and product development. You will be able to expand your interests and acquire industry related skills that will make you competitive in the future. Participating in a new or existing start-up can lead to an idea becoming a successful product, generating a revenue stream for all involved. Your start-up could take off. You could leave school as an entrepreneur.


    • Make money from commercialising successful products
    • Improve your STEM attainment and subject knowledge
    • Gain experience in industries of interest
    • Produce competitive personal statements for university choices
    • Enter the job market with a competitive advantage and CV
    • Acquire some of the industry and life skills that your future employer needs
    • Participate in internships, work experience and KTP schemes and gain practical experience
    • Allows you to stay in school and be in control of your own further education

    We understand the importance of obtaining good grades and are sensitive to your study needs. This means we expect you to participate at a level that suits your schedule.

    Fill out our Application Form and let us know what your interests are.

  • If You Are A School, College or Training Centre

    ideasinc. offers a unique way for students to be successful by using their subject knowledge. We urge them to work with universities, corporations and government organisations to expand their skills and knowledge in developing start-ups. Improving their understanding of how important studies are to their future educational and employment prospects will encourage them to build their skills bank and attainment levels. By engaging them in the world of enterprise we initiate a productive blend of practical learning and industry exposure.

    We extend, not replace, the efforts a school is already making in careers and enterprise delivery. Our long term approach provides a platform for students to take forward their ideas and test them in the marketplace once the school’s internal and external resources end for the year. We are keen to work with your Enterprise Coordinator, local Enterprise Advisor and students adding our mix of industry connections and product led entrepreneurial methods.

    Help us tell your students about ideasinc. Give them an opportunity to participate with other students in the development of new businesses by filling out our Application Form.

  • If You Are A SME Or Global Company – Building Industry Synergies

    Students’ interests in pursuing a career can be ‘fast tracked’ by furthering their practical education in technology, engineering, manufacturing, science and related industries. This can be strengthened by establishing various short-term and long-term work commitments, internships and KTP schemes. These schemes will be tailored to your needs and our project/product led requirements. Our newly created synergies may potentially introduce you to your future employees. Establishing long-term schemes involving our young people may offer a more suitable alternative to achieving the new government apprenticeships quotas and is worth investigating.

    Building Synergies

    We are always expanding our enterprises and want to forge long-term relationships in ways that bring benefits to both parties. Some of the ways you can participate in ideasinc. are:

    • Working directly with our young entrepreneurs will lead to enhancing their employability skills to suit your future needs and reduce potential skill shortages.
    • Engaging with the university students in ideasinc. and creating KTP and Internships that accomplish a number of objectives.
    • Our website will acknowledge your involvement and feature your company bio and logo.
    • CSR and social audit credits are generated by fostering enterprise development promoted throughout the Government.
    • We listen to industry needs and at times have ideas in how to improve the situation or reduce the problem.
    • Your participation can range from simply holding a meeting to help solve a business problem, listening to a pitch or establishing a joint venture/consortium to commercialise a product.
    • There are many opportunities to become a Business Advisor and share your expertise.
    • Being involved in commercialising our product/design ideas, your organisation has the opportunity to receive ‘First Right Of Refusal’ to purchase the product and/or share equitably in any potential future sales revenue that is generated.

    We look forward to hearing from you and receiving your Application Form.

  • If You Are An University

    ideasinc. supports young people who wish to turn their original ideas and designs into commercially successful products. By doing so, students’ career interests are explored along with deciding on their university choices. The majority of our young people are interested in pursuing further education and staying in school to attain their A-Levels. They may become your future students.

    No matter what the field of study, becoming involved creates an excellent way for universities as well as their students to pursue their educational and entrepreneurial objectives. Several of our start-ups have been created by university students. Some students have become mentors helping young product designers and coders solve problems by sharing their higher level of education. Others choose to help run existing enterprises.

    Building Synergies

    We have been successful in working with a few universities and offer several ways for both the university and their students to get involved.

    • We work with university outreach programmes and suggest attending various events.
    • We work with lecturers and create classroom projects aimed to enhance our product development. Students interested in the joining the start-up after the project is over are welcome.
    • We explore synergies with some of the start-ups currently being supported by university enterprise hatcheries.
    • Some of our products complement the research being undertaken by graduate students. This creates a potential for these students to potentially participate in the commercialised side to their work and get involved in KTP schemes.

    We look forward to hearing from you and receiving your Application Form.

  • If You Are Government Or An Organisation

    There is a very good chance if we are calling you we have found a number of resources, events and objectives that interest us and/or coincide with our aims and strategy. We are keen to explore ways in which ideasinc. can access and participate in some of your programmes. We also want to make sure the young people we support are aware of the things you are achieving and offering.

    We look forward to hearing from you and setting up a meeting to discuss potential synergies.

  • If You Are A Parent

    Welcome aboard. Parents have a number of industry and life skills that young people they may know or are related to can benefit from. There are several pupil/parent teams that work together and transferring knowledge has brought benefit to both.

    For example, Will Gray has created this website for ideasinc. with the help of his Mum who runs her own web design company Pictori Web Design. By taking the time to teach him how to use WordPress to create this website and how to use html and css to tweak the layout and styling he has learned some valuable skills for the future.

    If you are a parent who can help transfer your skills to our start-up entrepreneurs then please get in touch by filling out the Application Form.

ideasinc. enhances and complements rather than replaces the initiatives being promoted by government organisations and educators to improve pupil’s STEM attainment and apprenticeship quotas and focuses their career interests towards industries facing skill shortages during the GCSE and A level course selection process.

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