We know corporates, SMEs, organisations and educational institutions have their areas of expertise, resources, time and specialised needs that will require a tailored made approach to their involvement with ideasinc. Whether it is product, employment or CSR led, we insist on putting synergies together so everyone benefits. We want to share industry skills and product knowledge leading to new outcomes and encouraging everyone to join in and expand their horizons.

Collaborating with ideasinc.

As an enterprise accelerator ideasinc.  will deliver a full spectrum of essential services, funding and mentoring.  If you would like to participate in the growth of our accelerator and share your expertise with our entrepreneurs we would welcome your involvement as a Business Advisor, Business Mentor, Partner or Visiting Organisation.  Let us know what you are thinking by filling in our Application Form.

Collaborating with our Start-Ups

Our Enterprises are at different levels of development. Some are represented here. As others complete their Beta Canvas they will be posted. If you have a particular interest in one of the start-ups and want to facilitate its commercialisation process let us know by filling in our Application Form.  We are following the Lean Start-Up and Crowd Funding methods in showcasing their product ideas.


Our enterprises are looking to improve a number of situations we face in society.  We have products that can:  protect young people in cyberspace, reduce the need for police to allocate resources to small item theft, use swarm robots to improve agricultural yields, help citizens collect vital evidence for the police force, help the homeless have a warm dinner every day and improve their access to the goods and services they need to live on the street, improve connections for people who are isolated in the home as care givers or maybe ill, help aging people stay independent in their homes longer, use SMART technology that rivals the Singapore Super Tree Park, use compost and mechanical devices that can add energy to our national grid, improve the attainment of GCSE and A-Level students as well as their school life, help young people in war torn countries using technology provided by Western countries and offer a modern approach to architecture. There is a wide variety of issues being addressed by our start-ups.

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ideasinc. is a limited company. It incurs operating expenses while it supports the portfolio of start-ups in the enterprise accelerator. It will run separately to its supporting start-ups.  When it becomes appropriate and before any financial transactions occur they will be registered as their own entity. This will be backed by legal documentation fully outlining the level of participation in the revenue stream of its members, Intellectual Property Rights and banking details.  Working with young people involved in business is difficult and we insist everything is fully disclosed from the beginning and all documentation has been signed.