ideasinc. with two of their App start ups recently headed to the Tech Corridor in Ontario, Canada.  The Government is very keen to invest in Innovation and Research associated with entrepreneurship.  Every University has a start up incubator that works closely with research institutes and prototype labs across the province.  We presented two of our App products and a proposal in how we could establish a collaborative relationship internationally. The response was overwhelming.

To start, our plan is to establish two Coding Teams who will work with two of our Health related start ups in designing, building and testing the App products. This international team will join together in the HealthHack on May 13 – 15, 2016 in Sheffield.  Since both App products are about Health and Wellbeing if successful in this international Hackathon (Canada, USA and UK(Sheffield) the team will push forward by accessing the  space in the EPICentre at UWindsor. The EPICentre is the Incubator hosting the Hackathon. Further resources will be available through We-Tech, the UHN, MaRS Digital and ehealthinnovation as we progress the idea and need to test the prototype.

With one of our App products we hope our development progress will lead to pitching to the IBMWatson Eco System to build our App to actually become part of the medical team and services we want to provide to people facing extreme and devastating situations.

The University of Toronto Incubator at the Best and Banting Centre are also very keen to collaborate and support the App products presented as well as some of the other Tech products in ideasinc.  related to Swarm Robots, CyberSecurity and SMART City Furniture. They proved to be extremely helpful in introducing their network of innovation and development which will help our new ‘international’ start up teams progress to the upscaling phase. Resources in Toronto are very accessible with key global Tech companies locating their Canadian HQ there. These companies are keen to work with the University Start Up and Research Networks supported by the Ontario Centres Of Excellence.   We had a very productive meeting with the UToronto Enterprise Centre and are working together to collaborate resources to kickstart two of our App start ups.

ideasinc. is promoting the TechNation Visa Scheme especially to attract North American talent to the UK North. The response was very positive response from all the universities.  In fact they mentioned there were opportunities for UK students to participate in an exchange programme.

ideasinc. continued its roadshow to DMZ Ryerson, the third largest Tech Incubator in the world. The success stories there are multiple. ideasinc. is keen to build synergies with the DMZ and their upscaling start ups looking to diversify in the UK. In fact we were able to offer some advice to a new Fit App start up about accessing Pure Gym and other types of the fitness organisations